What do we do?

Located in Christchurch, New Zealand we serve fresh Filipino pastries, bread, cakes as well as a range of decadent gourmet doughnuts. Inspired by childhood memories of our local bakeries in The Philippines, Panadero provides an authentic taste of home while also serving the best of Kiwi favourites - try our freshly made meat pies! Whether you want something new to try or a taste of home - Panadero has something for you!


What is Ube? (pronounced oo-bae)

At Panadero we #loveube and are famous for our purple doughnuts, bread and cakes. Why are they purple you ask? Well, in the Philippines we grow a purple yam, also known as Ube and this is used in desserts across the country - Ube flavoured ice cream even exists! The taste can be described as "sweet and nutty", like a mix between white chocolate and pistachio.  So, next time you're at Panadero make sure you try our famous Ube products - we can guarantee that you will  #loveube as well!